Monday, December 29, 2008

What would you do?

What would you do if I told you the truth??

(This is meant for only one person. If that person reads these, then they will know its them.)

The real story of our Signs

Aries Man... Wether as a wife or a secret wench, no man expects a woman to look as much like an airbrushed centerfold as the Aries man. So aligned with the Masculine Principle is he that overt female functions are too foreign to his framework to be appetizing, let alone intriguing, as they are for many men. There is no getting around the raw fact that Aries man is an athletic lover with an urge for domination. He is all for fast and furious sex, and unlike many men, he'll tire none too easily nor feel a need to pace himself. Ironically, in indulging his own needs he goes a lot further in satisfying a partner than does many a so called sensitive man with a how to manual for a mind. What the woman might miss is foreplay, something the egoist Ram isn't in the habit of performing. First and foremost, he is a missionary man, but in a myriad forms- taking a woman from behind, standing, doggie style, or in spoon formation will do the trick, too. He's a passionate but abrupt kisser, just as he's a pro with the quick trust, not one for long, languid smooches or slow stroking, sleepy sex. Some well placed ooh's and aahs at the sight of his equipment are enough to satisfy his conceit as it's really approval that he's after. A lover will notice how he constantly keeps eye contact, forever gauging what effect he's having. He loves it when you say his name, if not uncle. Sometimes, sir might even work into the mix.

Straight turn-ons: Domination, younger women, lithe bodies, blonds, tans, long legs, small breasts, athletes, dancers, long hair, body scents, shaved, waxed genitals, (active) B+d, (passive) oral, (active) anal, mastery, rough housing, missionary position, doggy style, cotton, lace panties, teasing, benign begged, maids, cheerleaders, marathon sex, tantrism, nudism.

Leo Man... Leo's favorite flavor, hands down, is vanilla. He prides himself, in fact, on having few to no so called perversions, looking to appeal on that very premise to women as a righteous Cat. Most often, it is the woman who must take the driver's seat upon entertaining, shall we say, sophisticated sexual territory. If anything, he may have an inclination toward dominance role play, with his partner in the submissive position; when this sadistic streak exist, it is a flagrant exaggeration of Leo's inborn superiority complex – he believes himself justified in ruling, with a firm hand, even the one he most loves and cherishes. However, in most cases, Leo man simply doesn't have a kinky bone in his body. The Lion is nothing if not intensely passionate. When he reveals his emotions to the "right" woman, he'll do so utterly; thankfully, this manifests as marathon lovemaking sessions distinguished by playful hours spent kissing, spooning, holding, and heatedly rolling around. However, no matter have rough and tumble a romp becomes, sex must always be taken slowly, if not outright lazily. For him, the bedroom is a sacred space, and regular sex with a steady mate is as revered in his mind as would be, for the rest of us, a sweet but fleeting tryst from our past. He expects it often – with one full day of sex on the weekend, if lifestyle allows- and boasts the ability to maintain a hard-on long after most men would have withered. Playing with his testicles, especially by running ones fingernails across them, albeit lightly, during intercourse is a surefire way to have him, well, by the balls. Other key erogenous zones are his chest area, in general, and his back.

Straight turn-ons: Dark skin, long, raven hair, sloe eyes, ethnicity, innocence, vanilla, massage, touching, fondling, groping, passionate kissing, hugging, spooning, cuddling, natural beauty, missionary position, scratching, biting, fresh scents, sex outdoors, (active) light b+d, (passive) worship, (passive) oral, dancing, striptease, schoolgirls, cheerleaders, begging, groveling, ball play, (passive) analingus

Sagittarius Man... In anything, the Sag male seems to surrender his own pleasure for the sake of increasing that of his partner. If anybody is going to have a mirror on his ceiling, its the Archer. Even when in the extreme throes of sexual rapture, his partner might sense that Sag is somehow in the role of observer, sometimes wearing an almost voyeuristic smile, no matter how active a part he is obviously taking in the procuring of her pleasure. He is notorious for climbing all over a woman, often to climactic results. He is random in his sexual manner – everything goes everywhere, with no predicting where his fingers, tongue or penis might next align. Typically, he's a legs and ass man, a woman's tits sometimes generating little more excitement than his own. He relishes seeing his lover reach beyond set sexual limits, in hope she'll eventually beg him to do something she had originally considered outrageous. He can be so addicted to sex, an activity in which there is always a new act to encounter and an ever increasing opportunity to let down ones guard. Sag likes sex to be long on time, cool on tone, but always with a twist: He is, quite simply, kinky by nature. He is mix matchy in both temperament and sexual behavior – a quality that may manifest as a simple swapping of undies with his lover or progress more elaborately to role reversal, swinging or full on group sex.

Straight turn-ons: Tall females, blonds, Scandinavians, flight attendants, (passive) erotic massage, married women, anonymity, verbal action, role-reversal, pantyhose, nylons, pan sexuality, onanism, m-m-f threesomes, spit-roasting, tag-teaming, foursomes, swapping, bisexuality, homoeroticism, orgies, hedonism, exhibitionism, (passive) worship, outdoor sex, public sex, leopard skin, wild-woman fantasies, hunting/capture games, gigolo role-play, drugs, asphyxiation

Taurus Man... He seeks tenderness, and he longs for patient understanding in the bedroom. Taurus is a slow, meditative lover who, when allowed to be his lolling best, is uncommonly capable of sustaining marathon sex sessions. He will let himself be actively adored for hours, just as he'll roll around letting slip certain bits of him- fingers, tongue, phallus – into any place warm and welcoming. He loves to taunt and tease his lover, increasing her literal devotion, if not her outright desperation, for his body- offering her only subtle and brief stimulation as will drive her into action, seeing her beg and indeed grab for what she wants from him. He is an sensualist not an eroticist, and he doesn't go in for elaborate scenes or fantasies. Group sex, especially, is too impersonal and thus a major turnoff to him: unless, of course, it's an intimate menage a trois with two women going at it to please him sensually. Being nearly fetishistic about all things feminine, the mere idea of two similarly inclined, succulent girls expressing mutual delight in his presence provides almost more tingle than he can take. He may also have a big girl fantasy, more likely to be turned on by "fat chicks". Moreover he is the preeminent cross dressers of the zodiac. The best part of waking up with a Taurus male in your bed is that, he naturally understands what women wants. Given time and patience, he'll eventually get around to doing everything one could ever hope to have done. Taurus man is a clitoral connoisseur whose tongue tends to be as lovingly long as a certain other sizable part of his anatomy. Taurus loves women – But being so naturally empathetic to females does have distinct disadvantages to a partner. He may too easily fall into extracurricular sexual relationships.

Straight turn-ons: Older, dominant females, dark features, asian women, round, solid bodies, short hair, epic foreplay, slow, sleepy sex, gymnasts, dancers, (passive) body worship, exhibitionism, teasing, (passive) seduction, humiliation, married women, cuckolding other men, gigolo role-play, (passive) anal play, (passive) b+d, hairy bushes, cuddling, caressing, wearing panties, stockings, garters, food, drink, substances, bisexuality

Virgo Man... He tends to be fearful of proving lousy, or just so-so in the sack. Expertise is the very least Virgo expects of himself; but rather than practice his way to perfection, he often adopts an adept's air, skirting the whole issue, while continuing to live life like a virgin. This is why he generally prefers lovers with far less experience than himself, so that, in comparison, he will seem masterful, in every sense of the word: as sovereign, adept, and instructor. He believes love and affection should be unspoken- eschewing talky- cloying relationships. Virgo wants to take it slow and appreciates a woman who'll likewise settle into a leisurely pace. He hopes a lover will take responsibility for her own pleasure in the bedroom, which is why, more than not, he welcomes a woman on top position. He gets off by being viewed as an instrument for his mate's enjoyment, happy to provide the necessary tool(s) to that end, and grateful for not having to be the traditional male aggressor. He has a tremendous staying power and the earth may, indeed, move for his partner while she is being so diligently poked. Given his penchant for regularity, sex can take on a ritual significance, thereby becoming a means of reinforcing and solidifying his bond with a woman. Few men are better with their hands than virgo man. The same might be said with his mouth, would he apply his workman's ethic to oral duties as well. Virgo experiences orgasm as a full-body sensation, feeling an exciting buildup that, unlike with many men, will see him shaking in precursory waves before he actually even erupts. Despite his sanitized vision of sex, Virgo has a wildly active fantasy life. His more kinky longings are generally so deeply buried in his psyche that he may barely be aware of the range of proclivities he might actually possess. One classic Virgoan fascination is "watching". Specifically, this entails observing an attractive heterosexual couple having sex. Other sexual reveries generally involve nubile- looking women and, of course, virgins, whom, both in real life and in his imagination, he revels in deflowering. On the flip side, he may envision himself as the debased project, putting himself at the mercy of a dominant, vampish woman with whom he can play out any number of lurking submissive tendencies.

Straight turn-ons: Older/experienced females, asian women, small breasts, skinny legs, waifs, wastrels, submission, girl-on-top, white shoes, stockings, handcuffs, harnesses, streetwalkers, (passive) discipline, (passive) s+m, nurses, secretaries, technicians, playing doctor, fingering, voyeurism/other couples, heavy porn, light pain, humiliation/being cuckolded, (passive) teasing/torture, alcohol, downers, piercing's, branding, gags, hoods, masks

Capricorn Man... His fantasies, and his actual sexual behavior, are typically no straight forward affair, but rather layered with deviations, fetishes, and more than his fair share hang-ups. His brand of sex is salacious and often more depraved than most people might even begin to imagine. Perhaps his proclivity for debasement and degradation might manifest in a simple desire for naughty no-no sex such as anal penetration or even an oral variation on said theme. Cap also has a fetish for women dressed as nubiles, in the whole pigtails and shorty pajamas regalia. As it is, Cap's most quotidian of lovemaking practices follow a "do me" theme whereby his woman must take on much of the responsibility for driving even the most obvious actions, climbing on the ride while he kicks back in signature leisure mode. Often that which turns him on most in bed are things he may have shared, in his youth, with the more seasoned older women he tends to attract at a tender age. Cap is notoriously titillated by prim, repressed-looking women with priggish trappings. His masturbatory images, in fact, often focus on female goody-goodies gone bad. Though aroused by the idea of a woman becoming ensnared in her own desires, his actual activities usually stop short of any form of S&M- a bit of bondage perhaps, but he's really not one for whips and chains.

Straight turn-ons: Older women, submissives, dark skin, dark hair, Asians, Latinas, female repression fantasies, small breasts, big bottoms, (active) b+d, swapping, mastering, school girls, spanking, primitive, native women, corsets/binding clothing, (active) humiliation, voyeurism, pimping, being cuckolded, (active) anal penetration, (passive) analingus, female masturbation, librarians, nurses, buns, chignons, masks, hoods, transsexuals

Gemini Man... The Twin guy often can't help but seek the thrill that potential sexual triumph's provide. Flirting affords an escape valve, but only to a point. As such, many a Gemini will forgo channeling his obsession with immortality into procreation and instead attempt to remain forever young, playing the dating game until he seems, well, dated. When it comes to sex, Gemini consciously considers what it takes to be good in bed. The twin guy uses his head, and nobody is better with his hands, His oral skills extends to the bedroom as well. No guy can get a girl off quicker, so long as we're speaking strictly of clitoral stimulation as a vehicle to orgasm. He'll twiddle, squeeze, bite, pinch, lick, and blow while poking, providing a woman with the feel of a full body climax, no pale substitute, in the end, for a straight on plowing. In some cases he may seek to overcome a sense of sexual inferiority through dominant role play, a soupcon of which is all it takes to impart a major thrill to the Twins, whose trademark fantasy involves subjecting women to compromising, but rarely all out humiliating positions. Sex must always, first and foremost, be fun. Like a terrier, he'll root out every corner of a female's fantasy life, urging her to admit, and submit to, her kinkiest longings. He thrives on experimentation and detests routine. He has a weakness for high class hookers who don't mind going around looking like they've just stepped out of the pages of Penthouse. Moreover, he is specifically turned on by the idea of tag teaming a female with another fellow, just so long as he needn't play second banana. Puns aside, he'd like to be both director and feature actor.

Straight turn-ons: Small women, home girls, red heads, hour glass figures, white panties, snake eyes, long legs, m-f-f threesomes, girl-on-girl porn, little boy role-play, high-class hookers, light b+d, (active) oral, (active) humiliation, spanking, mind games, high heels, peep shows, striptease, g-strings, lingerie, manicured muffs, swinging, swapping, giving pearl necklaces, lipstick, nail polish, tag-teaming

Libra Man... He looks for psychological action along experimental rather than purely physical lines. His character forever is full swing, he is continually out to achieve some objective; this is not the sit-quietly-by-yourself sign. Libra embodies his motto, "We are", and a relationship with him can feel like a duet or danceathon that has gone too long. A lot is going on in the mind of this man, and he's beaming with agendas. Sex for him must be "beautiful". His vision of lovemaking is rather lyrical – no fumbling or false starts, but rather a slow, erotic journey with lots of crescendo, and a sweeping, successful finish that should never leave him or his partner wanting. As a result he may, indulges in lavish foreplay, determined to gratify a woman early on if only as a preventive measure, daunted by the prospect of not delivering a big bang during intercourse. Fittingly, he is a "light", surfacey lover – orderly, yet improvisational. Kissing a woman's mouth, neck, ears, whatever, Libra expertly employs breath- sharp inhalations or hot blows – to awake hidden erogenous zones. He is a master of the soft touch, barely tracing his fingers over a woman's body, allowing her anticipation to play a part in arousal. Libra is engineered for a tantric style of lovemaking. By taking a more yogic approach to sex – the erotic act with Libra can indeed be a transcendent experience. With the brain being by far the Scale's most powerful tool, sexually or otherwise, he may, in extreme cases, become so immersed in the erotic that it replaces any real, physical contact, intrigued as he is by no-fuss, no-muss hands off experiences. Classy strippers, phone sex, autoeroticism, as well as elaborate mind games of domination and submission and voyeuristic fantasies are Libran domain.

Straight turn-ons: Dominant females, tall women, classic beauty, models, (active) worship, long, straight hair, alabaster skin, kissing, licking, cleavage, cunnilingus, vanilla, voyeurism, female masturbation, (passive) light bondage, girl on top, side entry, licking, blowing, biting, (active) nipple play, m-m-f threesomes, couples, private clubs, erotica, (passive) nipple play, sensual touching

Aquarius Man... The Aquarian's erotic scope tends to be incredibly focused and specific. As he hands down the most monomaniacal individual on the astrological wheel, sex with Aquarius always smacks of a mind fuck. Internet chat rooms geared toward sexual interest were made for Aquarius as he democratically indulge his desires with an increasing variety of people. Aquarius will meet women for anonymous real-sex as well, preferring one-shot deals rather than casual ongoing sessions. When it comes to marriage or a primary relationship, he tends to act like a neophyte on a job where, as long as he's still going through some kind of orientation, he won't have to really dig down and do the work of managing the business of love. In a new relationship, Aquarius will make it an absolute point to have sex with his partner nearly everyday. He has an amazing ability to psych himself up whenever he needs to do so. All he demands from his lover in return is that she express as much pleasure with his performance as he typically takes.

Straight turn-ons: Dominant females, blonds, redheads, Africans, Indians, Asians, waifs, tomboys, executive women, (passive) seduction, extended foreplay, lesbian porn, (passive) b+d, (active) s+m, (passive) oral, lesbianism, m-f-f threesomes, phone/cyber sex, (active) mind control, swapping, orgies, kink, fetish, (passive) water sports, (mutual) anal play, (passive) deprivation, sex clubs, groups, female masturbation, being cuckolded, humiliation, (passive) worship

Cancer Man... Of any man, he is the premier softie, loving to kiss, hug, spoon, and moon. He needs that showering of cuddly mother love as much as getting his rocks off. On that score, nothing imparts more of a pure erotic thrill than letting an energetic top woman have her way with him, boobs bouncing, as she barks imperatives and instructions. In fact, very little in Cancers man's vision of worthwhile sex doesn't include breasts in one way or another. He is the zodiac's preeminent tittie fucker, and most of his sexual fantasies involve big bosomed babes in the preverbal pole position. He is anything but squeamish when faced with a partner's outpourings, a proclivity that may easily extend to the peepee department. As well, he's way up for anal sex; though if his mate flashes red flag, he is fine with forgoing it. Of course, he loves being blown- what man doesn't? – bit for him the act imparts a particularly soothing and secure, pacifying sensation. He can be fairly kinky in is makeup; especially where his love for a dominant women drives him to the extreme. For the most part, however, the Crab rarely acts on his more intricate fantasies. He seems designed to propagate, parent, provide and protect. Cancer will typically immerse himself in that household reality, focusing on his primal needs to be the pristine husband, the unadulterated consort, regularly coddling, cooing, and conceiving with his woman. Just as he is almost pathologically intrigued by those de rigueur female bodily functions- if any man would think nothing of having sex with his woman when, for instance, she's not quite finished with her period, it's the Cancer man. Likewise, he is all over his mate when she's pregnant. The Crab has a the distinct sexual habit of sneaking in when his woman least expects it. One would be hard pressed to find a longtime partner of the Cancer man who hasn't actually awoken to his slowly shagging her, the actual experience being subtly woven into her dreamscape.

Straight turn-ons: Aggressive women, Nordic, Germanic types, tall women, big breasts, implants, kissing, licking, sucking, (active) oral, (passive/active) discipline, titty-fucking, waitresses/flight attendants, (active) anal sex, submission fantasies, strippers, porn stars, pregnancy, lactation, school girls, shaved, waxed genitals, (passive) bondage, leather, biker chicks, (passive) golden showers, cuddling, spooning, home porn, hotel rooms, crops, whips, nymphomaniacs, dominatrixes

Scorpio Man... Sex plays an enormous part in reinforcing a relationship with Scorpio. What often transpires in bed is too lewd to discuss in the light of day. With the woman he loves, he dives headfirst, reveling in every inch of her body, squeamish about nothing and eager to leave no possible approach to pleasure unexploded. The challenge for this man, though, is to reconcile his more obsessive, often fetishistic sexual desires with a need to maintain a pristine vision of respect for his partner. As it is, he will have introduced his partner to his "lighter" prurient pleasures such as anal sex, the focus usually being, but not limited to, her posterior alone. As well, a bit of bondage generally makes it way into the Scorpio's bedroom. Both in and out of the bedroom, a relationship with the Scorpio feels something like being body-snatched. His partner should set aside a good amount of time, as sex with Scorpio is rarely rushed or simply a matter of physically getting off. He loves for his mate to lie perfectly still while he ever so slowly caresses and kisses her, not allowing her to take his own pressing matters into her hands. The buildup of sexual ardor to an ever increasing crescendo is more important to Scorpio than the advent of release. He generally possesses a good deal of staying power; if anything, it takes him too long to reach climax.

Straight turn-ons: Blonds, salt-of-the-earth types, big breasts, ample asses, innocence, body odor, body hair, body fluid, (dominant) s+m, (dominant) b+d, teasing, tickling, torture, probing, fingering, mutual analingus, (active) anal penetration, maids, secretaries, mind games, leashes, collars, latex, leather, water sports, dungeons, vaults, cages, ob/gyn equipment, pimping role play, kink

Pisces Man... Sex doesn't strike him as a fresh or foreign concept, even in tenderest youth and the natural transcendence with which he regards it at once makes him feel estranged, and superior to, other males in particular. Sex is not a big deal, a Pisces truism that may extend to his absolute understanding and forgiveness should a partner stray and hit the sack with someone else. The Fish is no hypocrite: He allows his partner the same kind of personal freedom he in turn demands from a mate, letting her experiment and make her own mistakes. The Pisces himself doesn't typically "cheat" as a rule because it creates the kind of karmic baggage he simply cannot abide. Marriage, especially, is a womb wherein he can drift and dream and into which he can dissolve. As Pisces' partners will readily agree, sex tends to happen more than not when they are away from home: Having escaped the confines of routine reality, the Fish invariably finds his penis becomes that much perkier. Having to sneak and hide having sex- whether doing it in public, or on a train or a plane, or even slipping away if just to another room during a visit to a friend – is not just a theoretical turn on – on particular to Pisces man, it is often an essential practical part of sex play.

Straight turn-ons: Aggressive, older women, zaftig builds, gothic beauty, corsets, garters, stockings, hardcore porn, prostitutes, role-reversal, submission, slaving, (active/passive) bondage, (active) humiliation, (active) oral, giving pearl necklaces, feet, shoes, voyeurism, straight couples, rubber, latex, (passive) water sports, being cuckolded/cuckolding, infantilism, lipstick, nail polish, tag-teaming, dungeons, alcohol, downers, narcotics, kink, strangers

Aries Woman... Typically not a day goes by without Aries female getting off, one way or another. She is a notorious masturbator, something she'd readily admit. She plays with herself during sex as well, not wanting to waste time having the guy to do it- no matter how adept he is. Besides she doesn't want him distracted from the simple role he's there to perform, and that is to ram her, expertly and thoroughly. Sucking a guy is pretty low on her priority list, as the act somewhat offends Aries's no service sensibilities. She may experiment with anal sex, although it seem to her, quite literally beside the point. Intercourse is the thing. She is an aficionado of positions and a connoisseur of techniques, highly skilled in her role as the wildest ride on the planet. Sex with her always seems somewhat competitive. She is aroused by seeing a man squirm and may engage in erotic acts aimed at having her way with decidedly submissive types. Still, as basically un psychological character, one not easily given to fetishes, this proclivity rarely progresses to the whips and chain stage. At some point, Arie's penis envy may be played out in one way or another. For Aries, all sexual activity should have at least a small dose of shock value to it, especially where there is an opportunity for a bit of exhibitionism on her part. She gets off on being watched – lights on, shades up- and she has a weakness for sex in public, which is really all about her hope that she and her lover will be noticed. The typical Aries is relatively lacking in maternal instincts, which helps to explain why she often seeks a man who will mother her, that is, when they're not in the bedroom.

Straight turn-ons: Younger men, swarthy looks, rugged builds, body hair, stubble, beards, large penises, foreskin, f-f-m threesomes, sex-on-the-side, mutual masturbation, labors, lumberjacks, big hands, meaty forearms, girl on top, face sitting, (active) b+d, humiliation, cuckolding, groveling, (passive) analingus, standing sex, on the floor, one night stands, male rape fantasies, strangers, casual sex, male strippers, escorts, role-reversal, male locker rooms, sweat, body odor

Leo Woman... Leo has little interest in games or fantasy role-plays and is decidedly turned off by guys who seem too in their head in bed. For her, nothing can replace just plain going at it, full force, with no need for titillating detours, which, to her mind, only break the natural rhythm of two bestial bodies doing the deed they were designed to do. For the Leo woman, great sex must have many peaks and valleys. Not one to ever bother with the quickies so many other signs enjoy, she won't get out of bed until she's sufficiently satisfied, which often means having had more than just one, or even two, orgasms- hers are so explosively complete- and she'll take the interval "recovery time" to play with her lover, urging him to stay inside, squeezing him to keep the hope alive for another round, or perhaps trying to beat her own record for getting him back up should he go down. Despite the obvious pleasure oral sex conveys, she sees having her kitty licked as merely a fleeting precursor to penetration. She requires a fiercely masculine lover precisely so she can be her ferocious, aggressive sexual self and still manage to come off like a delicate flower in comparison.

Straight turn-ons: Swarthy looks, dark hair, darting eyes, body hair, stubble, Mediterraneans, Latins, rough trade, defined pecks, biceps, legal teens, flirtation, seduction, penis girth, staying power, struggle, play-fighting, wrestling, being filmed, outdoor, beach sex, m-f-f threesomes, "primitive" role-play, (active) teasing, tickling, torture, ball play, handcuffs/whips, exhibitionism, masturbation, male models, male strip clubs, sixty-nine, (passive) anal sex, girl-on-top, doggie style ]

Sagittarius Woman... The Centauress is a size queen. Particularly when it comes to girth, Sag's lover had better be thick as his bankroll if he plans to hang around. Result-oriented, Sag is a stickler for having an orgasm during each and every sexual interlude. She is self-serving in the sack, a big believer that one should take responsibility for one's own pleasure. Certainly, nothing turns Sag on more than herself, there are generally plenty of mirrors around in which the Archess can see herself reflected pre-, during and post coitus. Not that Sag likes a passive man per se, but she needs to feel elevated by the sexual experience, never put upon or made submissive herself. Her favorite position is on top (preferably watching herself) riding her guy to orgasm. She enjoys being orally stimulated, although it's not a fixation, and she doesn't much relish reciprocation. She will experiment, and in areas many women wouldn't think of visiting, but when it comes to specifics, Sag is basically a "good girl" who merely imagines herself someone with exotic tastes. For the most part, Sag is really in love with seduction and romance. A boyfriend or husband's peripheral vision is enough to send her into a jealous rage. Ironically, if she is in a tepid relationship, she will flirt widely and openly with other men, often the husbands and boyfriends of the myriad friends who make up the bulk of Sag's social life.

Straight turn-ons: Executives, athletes, luxury gifts, wining and dining, spontaneity, northerners, Nordic types, flattery, fawning, married men, thick penises, deep penetration, tennis players, rock hard thighs, asses, exhibitionism, girl on top from behind, standing positions, stocking, garters, photos, videos, mirrors, little-girl role play, father, boss fantasies, (passive) analingus, sixty-nine, call-girl role play, standing sex, staying power

Taurus Woman... Of all the possible milieus in which to mingle, Taurus Woman is most in her element i bed – unabashedly lusty and instinctual, her sexuality is unencumbered by psychological bells and whistles. As the sign of sexual response, Taurus is an exceedingly reactive recipient in the bedroom- though generally not in any other room in the house as she likes sex in a sanctified boudoir setting- getting off on playing a traditional female role, particularly in her choice of sexual position. She is decidedly a real bottom girl, of all the female signs, the most strictly passive. Hungrily, and most audibly, she invites a man into whichever nook and cranny achingly begs for penetration. In her exaggerated penchant to please a man orally, one might suspect she has an extra G spot lodged some wherein that Taurean ruled throat. Taurus takes the exploration of her femininity to near fetishistic heights, organically falling into role-plays as striptease artist, geisha, or even expert call girl, without any forethought or shade of irony. Sex isn't something to engage in lightly or to participate in slightly – for Taurus it requires complete surrender, which in turn culminates in a kind of transcendent ecstatic state. She craves a slow, sensual, systematic detailing of her entire being, the bulk of her sexual excitement stemming from utter acquiescence to a man's exploration and domination of her, executed sweetly but deeply. Money, looks, sense of humor- all such other bulleted points on her checklist go right out the window if her man lacks in the lovemaking department. If Taurus does enter a relationship with, say, that aforementioned childhood sweetheart, she may have nothing to compare her guy to, gaining an ever sneaking suspicion that she's missing out on something.

Straight turn-ons: Tall men, swimmers builds, smooth torsos, clean-shaven looks, hairy legs, executives, silk, satin lingerie, sheets, blue eyes, big noses, (active) oral, sixty-nine, submission, light b+d, erotica, soft core porn, muscular hands, feet, flattery, (passive) seduction, nibbling, licking, pillow talk, gifts, surprises, (passive) anal sex, money, success, call girl role-play, m-m-f fantasies, seduction, stripping

Virgo Woman... For the faint of heart, or simply the blatantly out of shape, sex with virgo woman can be a though task indeed. Though she is rarely, by any stretch of the imagination, a gym bunny, odds are ten to one that most guys will tire before she does. With her, it's all about enjoying the process, building excitement, giving and taking in equal measure. The sexual experience is must be powered by love. Her perfect mate is someone who, unlike those guys who bolted when faced with her obvious emotional depth, welcomes so unfathomable a female as she. At first, it might seem that Virgo is someone who just lies there. But any such impression is often more a reflection of a man's shortcomings than any on her part. Motion begins subtly for the Virgo, on the inside, where her body involuntarily teases, squeezes, and eventually vacuums a man into her without a kernel of knowledge of what's occurring passing consciously through her brain, her body delivering the information to her head, not the other way around. If a man doesn't tune in to these natural workings and instead seeks to asserts his own rhythmic directives, they will never get in sync. Given time- the term quickie isn't in her vocabulary. The Virgo seeks to serve, more than just simply please, and her penchant for submission is a surprising thrill to any lover. If she is to join in any game at all, they might be along one bondage theme or another, as being held captive, and subsequently released, mirrors the evolution of her psychological process in life. She enjoys a touch of the dark side, often art-directing her own bedroom into some semblance of a dungeon, replete with candles that she might employ, expertly dripping wax on her partner in all the right places.

Straight turn-ons: High-power creatives, rockers, painters, (passive) b+d, facial hair, hygiene, circumcision, business suits, bosses, (active) oral, bikers, skinheads, (passive) anal, doggy style, ribbed condoms, tantric techniques, toys, vibrators, candle wax, tattoos, piercings, maid/secretary role-play, degradation, humiliation, doctor/nurse fantasies, (passive) light s+m, navels, corsets, garters, crochless underwear, high leather boots, dungeons, goths

Capricorn Woman... She is devotedly loyal and deeply loving, expecting perhaps too little in return. Strong and independent, she offers little in the way of head trips, rarely indulging in such girlish role-play as might require attention or the showering of gifts. Having been discouraged from embracing her sexual self as an adolescent, Cap has no real handle on the concept of feminine wiles. Flirting, especially, is not her forte. She isn't looking for intrigue from a bond, but a solid working arrangement that can serve as a backdrop for all she seeks to accomplish as an individual. She is fairly conservative sexual character when it comes to her erotic regimen, viewing the intimacy that sex provides as a source of safety and comfort far more than as an acrobatic workout or psychological journal. Still, sex is something of a big deal as she probably came to it relatively late in life. Her sex appeal is anything but superficial and it takes a certain kind of man to withstand the necessarily slow freeing of Cap's carnal appetite. She is intent to setting the pace and must sense no hidden agenda in bed. To her credit, she doesn't require a lot of bells and whistles to make sex special, rather she prefers to achieve a certain greatness by sticking to her usual path. As cliche as it sounds, for her each time feels like the first time. The wildest thing about Capricorn woman is her love or fantasy, and especially the idea of covert sexual activity. She invents dream lovers in her waking hours, possibly fantasizing during a masturbatory moment over the landscaper, her mechanic, or the FedEx guy.

Straight turn-ons: Younger men, dark, curly, wavy hair, lanky physiques, collegiates, intellectuals, tweed, flannel suits, big noses, cleft chins, spectacles, men in uniform, laborers, contractors, strangers, travelers, executives, (passive) worship, masturbating during intercourse, stripping, teasing, exhibitionism, domination, teacher/student fantasies, hands and feet, high heels, hose, garters, lingerie, (active) seduction, delivery men, missionary, doggy style, (passive) oral, tantrism, spirituality, stoicism, hygiene, soapy smells

Gemini Woman... When it comes to sex, it is Gemini's habit to feign naivete. Even in her practical, long term relationships, the bedroom is one place she can't help but put on a bit of a show. Gemini instinctually lets a man off the hook of having to perform spectacularly, something she finds to be hurdle to the kind of low stakes roll in the hay she enjoys anyway. She doesn't like to go too deep into a sexual experience, literally or figuratively, much preferring to keep activities light and superficial. She may be blatantly vulnerable, but she pretty much goes willingly, rarely needing to put up a fuss since it's already planted in her partner's mind that he's conveying precious cargo when he takes Gemini on an erotic trip. She plays the protege, literally the "protected", seeking to be taken under her man's wing. Role playing is endemic to her sex life as, in a way, she's never not engaging it. She will alight upon many acts and positions during a single interlude, so long as she's never made to explore any one too profoundly. Her skin is sensitive and may react wildly to even the slightest touch. Just as she is a master of psychological manipulation, she, in turn, likes to be physically teased, the element of surprise being highly arousing to her. She may even enjoy being tied down occasionally, with a steady partner, that is, who'll take her to the edge, with light touches and licks, and how much tactile torment she can take. A lover must always remain alert and flexible to her ever changing moods. When it comes to intercourse, the Twins actually prefers to be on top, where she can control the pace and positioning. There is always a sense of the Gemini self pleasuring in bed, as if her partner is mere a tool for her own masturbatory masterwork. Whereas most women find male homosexuality a hands down turnoff, the Gemini may be both psychologically intrigued and erotically titillated. In fact, she'd sooner engage in a threesome with two men as opposed to the more commonplace girl guy girl menage, knowing she won't be the overwhelming focus.

Straight turn-ons: Younger boyish men, married men, seduction, playing ingenue, basketball players, Africans, Latins, one-night stands, exhibitionism, mutual masturbation, standing sex, speedy thrusting, quickies, teachers, professors, masturbation during sex, doctor/nurse role-play, phone/cyber sex, treasure trails, goatees, (active) oral sex, (passive) light b+d, bi men, bi porn, vibrators, dildos, tickling, pinching, teasing, (passive) nipple play, swapping, girl-on-girl

Libra Woman... With her continual crushes Libra can't afford to fall in love easily. She is often drawn to younger, and arguably androgynous guys, never one to be turned on by the rugged, hairy he-men of the pack. Libra doesn't hesitate to make the first move on a man, sex being a rather casual affair. In bed with Libra woman, there are no set gender roles or pat responsibilities to perform. She allows herself to approach sex from a surfacey standpoint of two buddies just needing to have it off. Libra relates far more readily to the directive quality of the male mind than she does to the traditionally subjective feminine view; and so, with her mate, she's just as naturally aggressive as he is. Assuming responsibility for her own pleasure, she takes the pressure off a guy as well- still she won't objectify a mate to the point of using him as a dildo. Libra is somewhat of an efficiency expert in the bedroom, far more proficient at getting the job done than she is passionately abandoned in the process. Sixty-nine is by far her favorite sex act: She seem to derive as much pleasure from blowing a guy as she herself gets from being munched – while it's the combination of simultaneous acts being performed, the inherent yin-yang, that truly drives her forward. Fittingly, she relishes watching herself with a man, wether in a well placed mirror or via playback of a homemade video. Libra is confident in her sexual performance, aware that she possesses expert talents. Oral sex is her special province, and being on the giving end is, a heady power trip for her. She is a silent sexual persona, of the school that talk is, indeed, cheap. Libra is a fairy vanilla character, not the type to be attracted by kinky scenes of any kind. Though, like her Libra brother, she possess a potent bisexual streak.

Straight turn-ons: Younger men, artists, sensitives, smooth, sculptural bodies, veiny forearms, morning sex, sixty-nine, (active) grooming, shaving, hairy, muscular legs, Europeans, cross-dressing, nipple, navel piercings, romance novels, long, straight hair, bisexuality, quickies, foursomes, inverted positions, voyeurism, licking, nibbling, sucking, m-m-fantasies, jet setters, sugar daddies, (passive) intense nipple play

Aquarius Woman... She's turned on by men who are rough around the edges, if not altogether red in the neck, at least in spirit. Sex should never be a laminated sanitized affair, but rather a releasing of all inhibitions. Her attitude is laissez-faire – the Aquarian is never the demanding, domineering, emasculating type, au contraire - as she gives her man much in the way of space, not wanting, as many women do, to be involved in the lion's share of his experiences. When Aquarius commits to a steady relationship, she expects it to last for life. She is often so devastated by breakups it takes her ages to heal. Aquarius woman is not a sensualist, she's a sexualist, and she appreciates a man who won't, pardon the pun, beat around the bush. She wants all her buttons pressed, preferably all at once, with the least amount of ceremony possible. Sex is all fun and games for her, and toys tend to work their way into the proceedings between her and her lover. Still, compared to the male of the sign, she is surprisingly unkinky. However, she have zero hang-ups nor any trace of religious or moral guilt surrounding sex. Her body is not so much a temple as it is a fun house, and she is especially comfortable with artificial stimulation as either enhancement to sex with a partner or as a happy, solo substitute for human contact.

Straight turn-ons: Younger men or big daddies, white trash, truckers, bikers, long hair, ponytails, hippies, zealots, libertarians, rough-housing, biting, wrestling, (active) worship, (passive) degradation, groveling, begging, body hair, treasure trails, armpits, goatees, casual, no-string sex, cheating, m-f-f threesomes, tattoos, piercings, branding, extra large penises, foreskin, (active) oral, swallowing, (passive) anal sex, (passive) heavy b+d, enslavement fantasies, costumes, masks, hoods, blindfolds, posing, home porn, (active) ass play, role reversal, freaks, geeks, carnies, captive/slave fantasies

Cancer Woman... Mutual back washing is de rigueur, as Cancer, in signature style, pulls out all stops to get what she wants. In the face of the flood, there are always casualties. And when it comes to her own fulfillment, Cancer takes an all others be damned attitude, particularly sandbagging fellow women. She can juggle more than one guy at a time, still clinging fast to her ideal of marriage. Cancer woman unconsciously embodies the sexual freedom of matriarchal societies, those pagan females persecuted as witches by the patriarchal church for all their bawdy, medieval bra burning. For Cancer, there is no shame in indulging in even the raunchiest scenarios as long as they don't conflict with her gut. Cancer is conducting what even modern day wiccan would call a wee bit of sex magic each and every time she hits the sheets. She is completely involved in the act and, naturally attuning herself to the experience, never letting it consume her, she harness the transforamtive power of the proceedings, forever conjuring from it what she needs as emotional sustenance. There's power in that: Often literally riding the waves of such experience, she releases angst and feels optimistically refreshed in her future outlook- getting her ya ya's out, for all sisterhood (despite her many detractors) as well as herself. Her perfect prince won't himself be a sexual player, neither will he be a condemning toward those who may've been one. No, the reason she loses her footing is because, in the midst and of Cancer's tumultuous life, she doesn't fully factor into her equation encountering that other for letter word – love. For once Cancer finds herself emotionally out of her depth, and she'll spend the rest of her lifetime happily struggling to honor the paragon of sentiments.

Straight turn-ons: Tall men, Nordic types, blonds, businessmen, collegiates, jocks, body builders, smooth torsos, nudism, light s+m, slaving, double dildos, strapping on, father figures, couples, swinging, anal sex, (passive) b+d, sex clubs, hedonism, swapping, polyamory, swallowing, intense nipple play, downers, qualudes, firemen, cops, deliverymen, water sports, submission fantasies, prostitute fantasies, dungeons, whips, chains

Scorpio Woman... Sex is one activity that taps into Scorpio's hidden fire. To be sure she, she is most uninhibited when it comes to making love. She is a real tease, that girl who'll play footsie with a guy's crotch under the table, groping or even briefly going down on him, offering blatant titillation to stay erotically connected with her man at all times. She pours it on in bed, pulling out all stop to ensure she'll rank among his best. She seeks to be a man's obsession, a crystallization of his desire. Practically nothing is a gross-out as her hands and mouth may make their way to places where the sun don't shine. She enjoys getting to the roof of a man's matter, well acquainted with hidden areas that serve as male G-spots. Though it may take her some time to achieve her own climax, Scorpio's eventual explosion could be so extreme as to practically knock her unconscious. Sex is rarely acrobatic- rather, she is her version of groovy, easily getting into a steady staccato rhythm. Of all the women in the zodiac, Scorpio may be the most open to anal sex. She likes the inherent naughtiness of such an act, always wanting to be that much more "advanced" than her female friends, shocking the more prudish ladies in her set. Variety spices things up, and she feels as much ease shopping for dildos as she does lacy dollies. Like her male counterpart, the Scorpio has a wee sadistic streak. Disciplinarian fantasies perfectly fit her psychological bill- she may even be an outright dominatrix, turned on by enslaving a submissive man.

Straight turn-ons: Swarthy looks, body hair, (active) ass play, (passive) anal penetration, m-f-f threesomes, voyeurism, water sports, underarms, body odor, humiliation/cuckolding, (active) oral, (mutual) masturbation, mirrors, toys, gadgets, lesbian and bi porn, (active) b+d, (active) light s+m, strangers, clothed sex, erotica, light pain, biting, fighting, foreskin, swapping underwear

Pisces Woman... Nowhere in the Pisces's paradoxical nature more evident than in her sexual behavior. For such a subjectively fueled creature, sex, something meant to be personal an experience, is probably the one thing in life toward which she is ultimately wholly objective. Indeed, Pisces enjoys eroticism, even in the form of a dime-store novel, generally endowed with a talent for exteriorizing sex herself, wether it be in her own writing or in her blatant exploration of the subject in what is otherwise meant to be polite conversation. That dynamic follows her into the bedroom. She is open to activities that might make other women's hair curl. She is not so much passive, or even receptive, as she is susceptible to the desires of her partner. She is utterly available in the moment, willing to comply with her partner's penchant for sexually going "around the world", open to any and all oral or anal activities with equal nonchalance. Picses is not the passionate lover, any pleasure seeming to take her unawares. On the other hand, she never quite loses her untainted and innocent vision of what sex should be.

Straight turn-ons: Father figures or young boys, sensitive men, androgynous looks, smooth bodies, swimmers, models, delicate features, bone structure, artists, poets, creatives, married men, home wrecking, extended foreplay, tender sex, massage, light submission, b+d, (passive) oral, slow, sleepy sex, erotica, soft core porn, (passive) analingus, (passive) tickling, teasing, (passive) anal penetration, long fingers, toes, flattery, (passive) seduction, nibbling, licking, pillow talk, gifts, surprises, bisexuality, lesbian erotica, prostitute role play, alcohol, narcotics

Capricorn December 22 to January 19

Aquarius January 20 to February 18

Pisces February 19 to March 20

Aries March 21 to April 19

Taurus April 20 to May 20

Gemini May 21 to June 20

Cancer June 21 to July 22

Leo July 23 to August 22

Virgo August 23 to September 22

Libra September 23 to October 23

Scorpio October 24 to November 22

Sagittarius November 23 to December 21 ~ That's me!

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