Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So much has changed in such little time...

People come and go...its an ever changing world. So I have started a new relationship. I have no idea where it will go but we will just see. Still part of my heart is set aside for that one. Who knows if that will ever actually work out tho.

Random random thoughts rolling around in my head right now.... Jason Ewing always told me, don't think it will only get you in trouble! Yeah thats what is going on right now.

Finished the painting i was working on. I will have to take some pics soon. Haven't given it to the person intended yet, haven't really talked to him in weeks. Fuck him! Oops did i say that outloud? Thought I said that in my head. I have been doing that a lot lately, not just about him, about other people too. haha

I have finally reached that moment in my life where Robbie's words have finally sunk in "Remember. You are the ONLY one that can make YOU happy. Do what will make you happy, not other people." I am so sick of trying to please every other person in this damn world. I am going to make myself happy now!!!! Any one that has a problem with that can take it up with the complaint department, they will be open tomorrow. haha

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long time no see

Ok I need to really start buckling down and writing on this blog before i totally forget all about it.

If the rain doesnt stop soon I am pretty sure our cows are going to float away...

I need a vacation. Get the fuck away from here....where should i go?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Every great story, has a beginning...

Its been a ok week so far. Didnt have to work on Monday that was nice, just basically lounged, painted my first painting. I did it for Paige. I think she likes it. It will match her room. Also it was the first episode of Season 6 of ONE TREE HILL!! Love that show. Basically has taken over my life, i think more than Grey's did too, scary! It was a great episode, definatly went the way it was supposed to for me!

Yesterday was hard to come back to work, but had breakfast with Jenna so that was good, we talked alot about this weekend. haha...lots of stories. Not that she wasnt there for like every moment of it haha.

Then in the afternoon I went to give blood, and the f-ers deferred me! That means I can't give blood that day. Well my blood pressure was 160/114. Supposably that is like freakishly high. Like the nurse kept asking me if i felt ok. She was kinda flippin out, so that made me a little concerned. This is like the 3rd time my blood pressure has been that high in like the last month. So I decided that maybe I should talk to my doc about it. So today at 2 i have an appt, we will see how great that goes.

Went for a walk with mom and dad last night. Walked about 4 miles, but the last mile i ran. It felt awesome. Haven't done that in forever. Then when I was done I was like maybe I shouldnt do that with my blood pressure so damn high. haha. So what I need is some rocking music to run to. So if you guys know of anyone that would be great for suggestions.

Got to hang out with the firebug again this weekend. That was good. Seeings I hadn't heard from him like 4-5 days. Boys are ass holes haha but this one has a way of just walking up, leaning down just a lil bit and going Hi Girls, having fun tonight? and my damn heart melts. its ridiculous! Ask Jenna, she will tell you how pathetic I have become. It was nice to actually get to spend some alone time too, we talked about random shit. Still have no idea where the hell we are at, but it doesnt matter, i just have fun being around him. Sara, Jessie, Jenna, and Becky have all said to stop being paranoid he likes me, but who know.....hahahaha ok i will shut up and quit rambling now. But I like him...have no idea how to deal with it....

But then again: "Every great story, has a beginning...."