Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm a Ninja!

Doing much better than I was the last couple of weeks. Not sure what my deal is. I guess we all just have bad days here and there.

Firebug called me yesterday and asked me to lunch. Totally wasnt expecting that. Blew me completely out of the water. I couldnt go though b/c my lunch break is about 2 hours after his. Soooo that sucked. Then last night he calls me again and is like get ur ass to Pompeii now! Come hang out with me. I was like nope sorry already in my pjs watching One Tree Hill, and he told me to Tivo it! haha I just laughed. Didnt go though, trying to be a good girl. Also might be playing that same old routine of if ur not available they want you more haha.

Damn Firebug! Just when I had "convinced" myself that I didnt want to be with him anymore he pops right back up and burns me. haha

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bad day

Today is a shitty day....

I am just so sad lately and I have no idea why. Like at this exact moment, i could bawl my eyes out. Maybe I need to. I havent done that in a very long time.

I dont know what i want out of my life....

This sucks ass..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Need an opinion

So lately I have been thinking more and more about going back to Oklahoma to finish up my degree and finally graduate! I am only 3 classes away from graduating! Holy shit! But I have to take those 3 classes at OSU and I have to be in class for them, which flippin ass sucks. So that means I have to move back to Oklahoma for 1 semester and live there. That means I have to leave Curves for a whole semester. Scares the shit out of me to think I would leave my business behind. I would definatly have to find someone to watch it for me. Thats not bad but still this place is like my kids. Hopefully I will do it in like the next year or so.

No one will really be down there, well besides Sarah, so I should be able to be good and just go to class and come home haha. Last time I was down there I didnt know anyone in the bars. So I should be safe there.

My only concern is that there will be one other person in town, and I am pretty sure it will be flippin ass hard to stay away from him.... there's no way I could stay away from him. The only thing that keeps me away from him now is like 6 states and I own a business that I cant abandon.

So I need your input on this....tell me what you think!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Short and Sweet

Ok I know its been forever and i still have a ton of stuff to do today!! So I am making this short and sweet!!! But hopefully it gets me back into blogging!!! Sorry about all of that.

Topics I wanna talk about

  • Twilight
  • Fucking guys
  • Work
  • My pending vaca to Colorado to see the greatest person in the world Mrs. Katie Becht!
  • shit that annoys me
  • and tons of other random stuff.

I promise to start hitting on all of this tomorrrow.

Thanks for your patience