Thursday, June 24, 2010

16 Days.....

Holy crow its already down to 16 days til the BIG DAY!! WOW!!

So I think we have just about everything done. Today I am working on putting the
CDs together for the music before, during, and after the wedding, and the wedding
party dances. Need to find more music though.

Yesterday I got the wedding ceremony programs done. Just have to hit print and we are all ready.

Saturday I have my "Little Black Book" photo shoot. So that should be fun!! Cant wait! And no I am not posting any of those pics on here! HAHAHA I wont punish you guys by showing you them.

So anyone have any advice for the upcoming days? I have been doing pretty good so far. On Monday I broke out in a stress rash though. But its all gone now. I sometimes get them. Just glad it wasnt shingles. I tend to get those also when I really really stress out. Getting super duper excited for the big day! CANT WAIT!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

37 days and counting....

Having trouble finding a cake topper that I like.... Not sure what to do about it.

Came up with a list of things I need to get done before the wedding...

Find my hair extentions
Call the caterer about the lil snackies (we cant remember what we decided to go with haha)
Find a unity candle
Convince Nic that we should take ALL of the pics before the wedding
Talk to the photographer about what we are going to do for pics
Make sure all the guys have been measured for their tuxes

And a few other things.
I still need to drop some weight, but everyone keeps having these parties and its hard haha.

Also need to find outfits for the Lil Black Book photo session. I am getting excited about that!

Monday, May 17, 2010


This weekend I had my second bridal shower! It was so much fun!!
I love opening up presents, and then when Nic got home he gets to take
everything out of the boxes and make a huge mess for me! (Thanks Puffin!)

Well only 54 more days to go. Its coming so fast! I can't believe it.

This weekend is my bachlorette party. We are going to the Winery here in Ithaca,
then to dinner at the Blue Gill, where Paige works, and then on to Rum Runners in Lansing.
Should be a great time.

The boys are supposed to be going Saturday to get measured for tuxs!
Hopefully they all get their butts there.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nic's Wedding Present

So I figured out what I am getting Nic for the Wedding!!

Dick's Studio ( does "Little Black Book Photos"

I am going to get one made for Nic. So that means this extra 15 lbs I keep carrying around with me has GOT TO GO FOR REAL!!!

So no more beer thats for sure! Going to try and stay away from most drinking! haha we will see how that really goes. No more junk food, cant even cheat. I have been doing good with Weight Watchers so far 3.6 lbs.

Went for a long walk during lunch, now just gotta keep up with that. Plus working out 2 times a week.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To start over

So I decided yesterday to start over at Weight Watchers, I needed a little boost on losing a little bit more for the Wedding. My friend Jenna joined with me.
Working out 2 times a day, plus walking, doing the points.... hopefully I can drop at least 15 lbs before the wedding.

I will keep you updated on the situation weather you care or not! haha

Sunday, February 21, 2010

At the fire hall.....bored.....

Sitting in the fire hall b/c Nic and I were up here helping Jeremy (fire chief) work on some power point for training next weekend. Well ok so Nic was helping i was playing on the internet and MarioKart on his DS. Then they got paged out for a rescue run.

Sitting here by my self is boring, it is totally freezing in here, and they have no food. I think i need to work on this whole them not having food up here. Not sure what I will do about it but they should at least have some cookies or something.

Probably going to go snoop around and look at the new workout room.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little bit of Wedding details

Ok so I didnt make it back on here the other day after getting my homework done. haha

Found out my dress is in at the bridal shop soooo I have decided to kick it in high gear and try to get more of this weight off. As soon as I get to go see it again I will take pics and post them on here.

So today I am going to be mostly talking about wedding stuff.

A little about the wedding party:

Kayla's Girls

Matron-of-Honor: Katie Frey-Becht - I met Katie in Plant and Soil Science class with Dr. Hattey at Oklahoma State University. Come to find out Katie and I had a few classes together that semester, which was also my first semester at OSU. We became friends from the start. I have never met anyone that completed me more in life, well besides Nic! She and I are practically one in the same. Katie lives in Denver, Colorado, with her hunky fireman husband (see we have a lot in common), Greg, and her adorable lil girl Eva Clare. I wouldnt know what to do in life without Katie. LOVE YOU!

Maid-of-Honor: Paige Elizabeth Tuggle - I met Paige "Midgit" on December 1st, 1988, the day she was born. She is my little sister/best friend/biggest kluz I have ever met! She and I have become so close in the past 8 years. We still have our moments where we want to choke each other but we are always quoting movies in our everyday conversations. Midgit goes to LCC and I go and visit her when I get the chance, we usually have to make a stop a Bdubs at least once a month!!! Love you my Midgit!!


Jessica Darke - Jessica and I met at Region III Officer Camp, where we were both voted on to the Region III Officer Team. At first I didnt think I was going to like her, still pretty sure she got the sympathy vote, haha, but after I started talking to her we became the best of friends!! Jess and I were basically inseperable our Senior year of highschool. We did everything and anything together. Even after I moved away to Oklahoma, Jess and I wrote, talked on the phone, and sent emails every day. I dont know if I would have made it my first year without her letters and phone calls. I was the maid of honor in Jessica's wedding, she is married to the funniest guy I know, Bill Darke, her daughter Evie is my god daughter, and she has a brand new baby named Will. I know I wouldnt be able to get through this day without her love and support!

Tashina Kirk - If there is any other person in this world that understand all the craziness I went through the last 2 years of college it would be this girl. We were both members of a "family" at OSU that consisted of mainly guys, "Tash" and I were the girls that "werent really girls just really cool guys with long hair and boobs" in our group! HAHA Tash is one of the craziest people I have ever met, and one of the strongest. I was a bridesmaid in her frozen wedding in Jan of 09, she is married to Albert Kirk, and has a brand new baby Logan Keith. They live in Oklahoma and it kills me not to see her on a regular basis like we used to in college.

Brooke McCrory - Brooke and I have been friends since we were 2 years old. Brooke's mom was my babysitter for forever! We went to preschool, grade school, middle school, and high school together. We are still very very close. I am her AMAZING son Dylan's fairy god mother! Dylan is my favorite person in the world. HE TOTALLY ROCKS!!!! Oh and Brooke is so awesome too!!

Kali Wiseman - Kali is Nic's sister, and sometimes I feel totally sorry for having a brother like Nic, but I love him anyways. Nic picks on her constantly even though she is older, but when she comes home, Kali and I tend to gang up on Nic as much as possible!! HAHA Kali is one of the sweetest persons I have ever met, and I cant wait to have her as a sister!!

Nic's Guys (sorry not going to be a lot of details b/c I just dont know them as well maybe I will add more later.)

Best Man: Johnny Ney - Johnny is on the fire dept with Nic and they have been best friends forever. Johnny rocks b/c he fixes my car for me when it needs fixin'! Johnny is married to Jackie, and they will be having a baby girl about a month before the wedding!!


Andy Bissell - I dont know if I can say anything good about Andy except that his wife Michelle is awesome. Ok joking! Andy and Nic have been friends forever, and I think usually helped Nic get into trouble quiet a bit. Andy kicks butt at playing Guitar Hero, and is always good for a laugh or just hanging out.

Jeremy Gallagher - Jeremy is the fire chief up at Perrinton and also goes to church with Nic and Me. Jeremy has been like a big brother to Nic for a long time and I know he will be in our lives for just as long.

Bobby Somers - Bobby lived right next to Nic growing up, were the best of friends. And now he lives in Farmington Hills working for Best Buy. Bobby is awesome! I have only met him once so thats all I can say but Nic has tons of stories of them together.

Andrew Kaley - Andrew is Nic's cousin, he lives in Tennessee, and plays music. Sorry Andrew thats all I know... I am sure I will get to know him better soon!

Flowers: Wine Red Gerber Daisies and Cream Gerber Daises for the centerpieces and for the girls' bouquets, Black Bacarra Roses for my bouquet, they are awesome. They are so dark red they are almost black. Nic says they look like they have smoke damage. I cant wait to see them in person.